One Run Leela

Armored Ascetic 171

This has been my off and on project since Crowdfunding got banned, and after playing it to extremely medium results in a local event I figured I'd publish and get others' thoughts on it.

The core idea was a reaction to the proliferation of glacier decks with high counts of taxing ice (IP Block, Slot Machine, Eli 1.0), which made the Aumakua + run everywhere plan less appealing. Instead, we aim to make one run per turn on the most open server, gain 3 credits, a Paragon scry, a Find the Truth trigger, and possibly a Turning Wheel, and then decide what to do with our turn. Against rush, this lets us always maintain the threat of Leela bounce on an advanced card, and against assets, this gives us a steady source of econ as well as letting us only make impactful R+D runs. Sadly, until you assemble the full kit, you're mostly playing as a slower/worse 419, and while the FTT+Leela threat is powerful, it never ended up being as gamebreaking as I wanted it to be, especially at the cost of all of your Criminal power moves being telegraphed.


Grant + 0 costers

2x regass breaker suite


Despite the combo, RNG Key felt very medium. Getting nullified by Security Testing/Diversion runs is a bad feel, and when people see FTT they are already going to make R+D as taxing as reasonably possible. I'd maybe try putting some tech cards in its place (Miss Bones, No One Home, etc).

Paragon + Class Act - scrying to the top and then sending away one of 2 good cards is never fun. As a result, I went from 3 TCA to 2 and a Special Order.

6 Nov 2019 Armored Ascetic

Oh uh, thing I forgot to mention - 0 answers to Excal is definitely wrong, but the influence on this is all sorts of goofy and I was specifically avoiding turtle. I think you could go to 1x regass breakers 2x Aumakua 2x Special Order and use the freed influence for a Clone Chip, alongside replacing RNG Key with Bankrolls and Stimhack with a Hunting Grounds, but I haven't tried this.