Back to basics Asa 4-2 US Nats

itsbigfoot 2792

Beat a mix of anarch and shaper, lost to spags on liza in a very close game and a smoke who hit 7 points on 5 accesses.

I picked hb for KOS, but the other asa builds kinda just folded to political operative which i expected to see a lot of, so i went for a more basic approach. The deck did so well at the side event that i brought it to the main event. It has a solid gameplan that works against any runner backed by good money and ice.

Gameplan: set up a server to make them lose all their clicks via mason bellamy/elp/taxing ice, then bounce them with ash/border control/ikawah. Biotic is there as a finisher should you need it.

Money: Bbg over jinja as it saves slightly more money and combos very well with adonis at the cost of clicks, keeping your ice hidden is also a huge boon. Rashida over vlc to bait runs/sneak out vitruvius, rest is just the most click efficient money i could cram in there.

Ice: fc3 and border control are the crux of the deck, fc3 is devastating against anarch rigs and bc makes mason bellamy servers airtight. Thimblerig and architect allow you to play around hippo while being strong ice on their own. Ip block and surveyor are vanity influence, and aren't essential if you'd like to run something else (calibration testing comes to mind).

Agendas: Ikawah is a combo piece, vitruvius allows for never advance, timely gives you another border control and ssl should probably be a gfi but it's fun to score and can allow you to run away with a game on tempo.

The rest: elp and the other upgrades all create scoring windows. Preemptive is in case of emergency. Not a lot of fluff in the list as it's all streamlined to score out.

Overall I'm very happy with the list. Elp seems very strong at the moment and while it went 7-3 across 2 events i can count more play mistakes on my part than changes I'd make to the list. A simple list with multiple lines of play tends to do well in a field with so many different runner options so i can highly recommend this between now and rotation.

Shoutout to pj20 as this is based on his nats list from last year.