Rude Deck, Rude Tech

Ajar 1605

This is what I would have played at US Nationals if I hadn't decided Palana would be more fun. Outfit is super flexible in terms of tech slots, and operations are especially easy to tech in since you generally have two Archived Memories to enable Punitive and HPT kills. Flex slots include the third Dedication and the third IPO, which could potentially be more ice if other good pieces were available. A second Excalibur might be fine. You could slot a CVS, but I've found it low impact in testing.

The general plan is unchanged from every other permutation of Rude Deck: make money, rush hard, and punish runners for any overextensions. However, there are a couple of minor tweaks to make for the current meta. Against Obelus Liza, put your first Bulwark on HQ instead of your remote. Against CS Liza, Mausolus is fine on HQ, but you probably want to Dedicate it to force a Femme -- otherwise they'll run through it over and over, as we saw in the US Nationals finals.

Various combinations of SGP / Archived / HPT / ConVis win the game against Liza depending on the game state. SDS and Reversed are also strong, since both Liza builds have to manage their money pretty carefully. Under the Bus is for those pesky Film Critics, but you can also UtB a Pol Op that's sitting on the board to deny Reversed.

Closed Accounts and Market Forces are other potential tech slots, but in general, if the Runner has tags at all, they should either be immediately dead or about to get 4 more tags and die shortly thereafter.

GL, HF, and be rude!