The Art of Intrusion 103: Breaking stuff

pang4 795

"Welcome back, students. As we're approaching exams, I'm happy to see you are approaching optimal efficiency with your code. Never use two lines when one will do. Break, rebuild, rework, wreak havoc."

I noticed a terrible tragedy on NRDB the other day: since rotation 2, not a single Professor deck has been published here on NRDB. Not one, not even for fun. This is a travesty that must at once be corrected. It's time to get back to school!

The Professor's ID ability is always "You have the best breaker suite and auxillary programs, now figure out what that is." I feel I'm approaching at least a B on my exam.

Economy hasn't been too much of an issue, as long as I remember to properly abuse Multithreader and Sahasrara, as well as sit on Technical Writer longer than is perhaps comfortable. They really do build up quite fast.

Mulligan for Proco, Gamble or Cast, as well as SMC. The rest will work out as long as you have some amount of burst and tutor ability.

Changes from 102 deck:

We dropped Scavenge, flying in the face of convention. It was just too dead in too many situations. The deck has a lot of redundancy anyway, and Clone Chip can get back what you need in a pinch.

Consume is finally in. Synergy with Stargate and Imp up the whazoo, and also helps slightly in the CTM matchup. A turn of Trash, Trash, Clear Tag, take 4 from Consume is almost bearable...

Faerie got put back in the mix. In combo with Pelangi, you can facecheck with impunity, and big multisub ICE seems to be making a comeback with stuff like Endless EULA and Archer.

Chisel got tested, and was both in and out real fast. Turns out firxed Parasite was a little too fixed to be worthwile. It's just better to focus your time on efficient breakers instead of inefficient trashing....

Cards I haven't gotten my thumb out and tested yet:

Paricia: Good specwork fodder, and a lifesaver against Assets. If CtM becomes even more prevalent as the Liza v Tag-punishment battle rages on, I could see slotting one or two.

Kyuban just needs a deckslot, and it remains to be seen if I can spare the memory for it.

Datasucker is in the same boat as Kyuban, but is potentially better if it makes glacier spread to Archives and actually rez stuff on HQ. If Sucker is in, I may put in the dreaded Turtle as well, as they wombo-combo pretty fine together.

The Artist: Econ hasn't been a big issue, so Artist is really only if I find the slots for it. Maybe swap out a casts...

Still on the chopping block is Cerberus "Lady" H1, and joining her is Atman. Maybe cutting breakers is a mistake, but these two haven't been pulling their weight.

"But Professor, there are so many more conventionally powerful ways to fight on the network. Why not just gain support of the Clans and blow everything up, or just drain your enemies accounts?"

"People like Akitaro Watanabe didn't gain their notoriety by following convention. True, you could do what has worked and is safe. I'm sure you'll find a solid, mid-tier job until one of your classmates invents something extraordinary and ousts your entire division. Don't be bound by the old technology. New technology destroys the old."