Apocalypse Soon! (5th Canadain Nats)

smilingo 8

I've been playing this monster for almost a year now. Won a Store Champ, Won Edmonton Regionals, 2nd Calgary Regionals, and 5th at Canadian Nationals where my corp failed me twice in top8. It's the only deck I ever felt the need to publish.

In a world where your opponent doesn't know Apocolypse exists this deck is a blowout, but most of the time you don't need the element of surprise. Setting up DDOS/Apoc and being blatant about it is totally fine, it will give the Corp lots of time to frantically double ice servers and forget to score points. Most of our time is going to be spent making money, drawing into our combo or running open servers. It's so annoying when I have to actually install ice breakers and I typically prefer not to waste my time doing that unless I have to. In over 50% of games you WILL land Apoc because it's such a focused plan. This is not a backup plan, this is our plan A.

The Spice

Hippo Great when they have a single iced central you want to threaten before or after an Apoc to force them to re-ice it 1 deep so you can DDOS Apoc it later.

Turning Wheel This is often our after apoc win condition, but it will also help if Apoc is shutdown and we need to stack counters for 1 final run. This can be a 2 of if you want.

Bhagat This is an optional card, but It forces the Corp to reinforce HQ in games when they dont want to. It can be used pre-apoc to force out ICE or post Apoc to try to win faster.

Run Amok This is basically Inside Job and used to get into Remote Servers we wouldn't have time for otherwise. Especially annoying if you use it with DDOS.

DDOS The obvious use of this is landing the Apoc, but it can also be used for any turn you want to get in 4 easy runs without spending a lot of money.

Makers Eye This is just my current alternative to a second Turning Wheel.

Utopia Shard is a cute option too in this list.