mcbeast 1012

Control the Door! Control the Door! Control the Door! Control Door! Control Door! Co Door! Codor! Codor! Codor!

Put all your money in traces to get Aryabhata Tech fire, and eventually grind down the Runner to a complete lock.

Deck is often a slow grind, but one of you will have fun. I'm sure there's space for improvement. Feel free to copy, refine and control some doors.

EDIT: Alternative and better agenda suite:
2 x AR-Enhanced Security
3 x Degree Mill
3 x SSL Endorsement
+1 x SIU

Weakest ICE is Data Raven, so -2 Data Raven, +1 Macrophage and +1 News Hound seems much better. After a tip from tempest and Relamer, IP Block is now changed for SYNC BRE.

19 Nov 2019 boreira

macrophage seems OP here good stuff!

19 Nov 2019 mcbeast