4 operation 6 Ice NEH (3/0 At Austin GNK, 2nd Place)

JuniperTheory 73

The very first time i ever played netrunner competitively, it was... somewhere around 2014-2015, and i had thrown together a Pretty Good Andromeda deck. She was my favorite, and i had shoved the deck full of Good Criminal Cards; account siphons, desperado (although i only owned one), anything else I could think of. The guy across from me said he was playing Near Earth Hub, an identity I had never played against, and I was excited to see how it worked.

Within 5 minutes he had covered 2 playmats (he brought an extra one specifically for this purpose) with assets, triggered a snare on me, and scored multiple astroscript pilot programs. I was stunned, i had no idea what to do; do i start running and waste all my money trashing cards, hitting traps and spending all my money, or do i try to build an econ and let him throw down random agendas and fast advance them out? By the time I had recovered from the shock and remembered how to play netrunner, it was too late. My opponent had completely and utterly destroyed me.

This is my revenge

NEH Rotates next week, so i had to bring it to a GNK at least once. It did really well! Went 3/0 against Edward Kim (lol buddy i got 3 operations), Leela (which I ALMOST lost, cause i couldn't put any ice on R&D or HQ that would stick around, allowing them to do some real deep turning wheels) and Apocalat. I only won that last one because my runner deck, another "Apocalat" deck, managed to draw out it's first game against acme for so long (with a nice rebirth into Jesminder as tech against Acme) that i could score out 3-4 points before we ran to time, even though i got apoc'd twice.

It felt good. It felt cathartic. It felt... mean, and i loved it.

25 Nov 2019 branimated

This list kinda reminds me of the time I built a "highlander" NEH for a special League challenge that actually ended up being super strong. Nice work! I wish I had waited longer to drop the Apoc on you, haha.

25 Nov 2019 JuniperTheory

Eh, i got lucky with having a backup turtlebacks ready to go right there. If i hadn't had that it would have been a lot more devestating.

highlander NEH sounds amazing.

Honestly i'd love to see an highlander netrunner tourney.... hmmmmmmm