Burning Star - Brno Diversified Portfolio

iref 170

This is the runner deck I played in regular diversified portfolio tournament organized by Brno Netrunner group. As I mentioned in my corp writeup I didn't have a clue what to play as I haven't played much since Worlds and no runner for a reasonable price seemed particularly interesting. I considered playing trusty Kit, trying regular crim deck after what seems forever and fall-backing back to regular anarch tricks. Omar costed only 2 points so was good complement to my ACME deck (cost 3). Browsing NRDB I found @AxWill Apoc deck and decided to give a try as I've never played Apoc before. I also expected to suprise couple of people which worked out quite nicely on the day. :) The only change was +1 Wanton, -1 Hacktivist in retrospective 3 wantons were probably too much and in one game I needed anti-current I haven't found it fast enough so probably not a good change.

Deck went 2-2, beating flooded PE, SSO and loosing to Outfit and Architects of Tommorow. Both loses were my mistakes when I tried to burn the world down 1-2 turns early and was promptly killed and outpaced afterwards.

Thanks again to @AxWill for publishing the deck.

26 Nov 2019 Longi

hey man, nice choice for both decks, we had really close games, looking forward to next ones

26 Nov 2019 AxWill

Congrats on the finish! I still consider myself quite new in the scene, so it really made my day to suddenly see familiar deck-name while visiting the DB.

After the Worlds I've gotten slightly more experienced with the deck, but I have still not arrived into conclusion if Omar or Alice is the right choice for Apoc. At least they play completely differently: as mentioned in the writeup, this deck feels really aggressive, even sacrificing some of the long-term sustainability for earlier aggression (through Id ability and decksize), so it could be meta/playstyle thing.

Well, in Diversified Portfolio -format I would certainly pick Omar. :)

Thanks for making my day and all the best for you!