Tennin Mutate Jinja Turrets

r00t.EXE 8

No-remotes Tennin that uses Heritage Committee and Hasty Relocation to feed Jinja and place expensive ICE on top of R&D for Mutate.

Shipment and Trick can fast advance 6/9 agendas, if only counting the second and third Medical Breakthrough.

Takes a few games to tune into the balancing acts of this build: ID token spreading for Mass Comm and token stacking for Trick. Subtle but important choices as econ is tight. When to NOT use Jinja in order to place ICE smartly™ and not install too much unaffordable ICE that can be Mutated in later. And whether or not to sneak out (or even bulk up) a scoring remote for Obo or the first Medical Breakthrough.

Keep the runner reaching for answers with smart™ ICE placement while you dig for fast advance options.

Oh and put some EtR on Archives to get more turns without successful runs and because Hasty Relocation will put a random card down there.

Mulligan for cheap ICE and econ.

An earlier version had no Jinjas and ran Tollbooths instead of DNA Trackers plus a few Vanillas, which worked but I couldn't resist trying to make this deck name work.

This deck is iterated from a TeamCoventant.com Netrunner training deck apparently made by @spags(whom I do not know) : https://teamcovenant.com/learning/android-netrunner/jinteki-tennin-institute-starter-deck

27 Jan 2020 Skandrino