Honest Man

boreira 295

Fun to play

28 Nov 2019 Nimo

I'm a huge Adam fan and your deck inspired me to try Falsified Credentials instead of the usual Liberated Account for my next game with him. Although it would be more useful with a turtle in the deck. With Liberated Account absent, is Career Fair really worth the deck space and influence? And isn't the inclusion of Data Folding next to Rezeki (+RNG Key, +4MU for the Icebreakers) much to anti-synergetic?

28 Nov 2019 boreira

This deck is all about stealing first agenda asap. Falsiefeid is here to help doing it from the remote. Tutor Engolo asap, dig for bombs or stimhacks and go for it. After that you have whole engine woriking nicely - Brain chip + data folding + rezeki + additonal draw from Adam directive gives you so much speed so focus on that. Corps often ice all servers agaist Adam instatly and Career Fair is the best 1inf card to help you to set up when laundry is off. With Engolo as a main breaker there is no need for any AI breaker like turtle. Have fun

28 Nov 2019 Nimo

Ok. I see your point here. Also career fair + DC/EH/DF as a first move to empty your starting hand is so satisfying. I just miss the TW and reclaims. But I'll try your deck and see if get it running like you said.

28 Nov 2019 boreira

yeah you right No one home was TW before and forgot about it since was testing no one home to improve early agression lately. But TW would be probably better in that slot

29 Nov 2019 Stoned44