NexAz, or How I learned to stop whining and play Criminal

pang4 831

So I love playing Sunny, but I always seem to be just a turn too slow. Then I thought, can't I play Sunny... in Criminal?

Use the core Sunny engine of Security Nexus, Power Tap and Jak Sinclair to poke and prod servers, while using your clicks to set up.

Nexus and Rubicon Switch are a match made in heaven. Nexus allows fearless, sometimes even profitable, facechecks, then you Rubicon them down again for another profit with Keros. A Diversion of Funds or two should keep the corps econ low as you annoy them to death.

Economy is built around The Supplier and a nice mix of events and resources. As long as you have stuff to install, Supplier does a decent impression of Magnum Opus (some terms and conditions apply). Supplier is the only reason Sports Hopper is even remotely worth installing.

Also, turns out having Link is kinda great in this meta, which might explain why we have so little of it... You can fight Surveyor, CTM has a blank ID ability, and you get real hard to Punitive to death.

This deck is kinda ID-independent, and I'm currently trying out versions piloted by 419 (know what to facecheck) and Nero (facecheck anyway).

28 Nov 2019 FreqKing

Cool build. Seems like Sanctuary would do a lot of work here still.

28 Nov 2019 pang4

@FreqKing Sanctruary would indeed work wonders in this deck. It can turn Power Tap into (click): gain 2c for each powertap. Just fail the Nexustrace, then pass the Sanctuary.

Stuff you wanna fit in the deck is stuff like Embezzle, Caldera and Polop too. It's always the question of cuts, though. What do you NOT play...

1 Dec 2019 tonybluehose

You had me at The Supplier

2 Dec 2019 pang4

Supplier decks are always the greatest ^^ It means Criminal, it means big rig, it means a plethora of fun toolbox options.