Argus' Stepson (3-0) Seattle GNK


This was a deck used in a GNK to celebrate our meta mate @Radiant moving away. He loves the big W and specifically Argus, so what better thing to do than play a Blue Sun deck that plays like Argus! Slam Oaktown down in the remote and start jamming! See the surprise on your opponents face when they see a Data Raven! Crim tries to clear out what they think is a Crisium in HQ, nope! It’s a Prisec! But you have all the good Blue Sun Econ and fatty ice that makes it very resilient. People have forgotten carnivore Blue Sun. All three games with this deck ended with HPT kills ( Leela x2 and Apoc Omar). Thanks to my friends who tolerated this rude deck.

2 Dec 2019 CryptoGraham

V. Rude! Rude friend!