GangSTAR Leela - {3rd AUS Nationals 30/11/2019}

EthosNZ 253

This comp was my last chance to use the Leela alt I had my friend make back when I first started playing her in 2015, and I wanted to have a good sendoff.

I'm Super happy with how this deck worked out, the first two games I lost with it I would more put down to me being a dumbass than the deck. This deck can rush if the corp try's with 2x each breaker plus inside jobs and Gbahli, or can sit back and wait on the gang signs + fisks if you don't want to over extend. Speaking of Gbahli its a fantastic splash in this deck being able to inside job "two" pieces of ice is pretty great.


Round 1: Lost to AgInfusion

Round 2: Lost to Jemison

Round 3: Beat Gagarin

Round 4: Beat Argus

Round 5: ID'd (Played and beat Outfit - Rig Shooter)

Top Cut:

Round 1: Beat Outfit - Rig Shooter

Round 2: My Corp lost to Adam

Round 3: My Corp Beat Hayley

Round 4: Beat Azmari Kill

Round 5: Lost to CTM

Going to miss Leela when she rotates :'(

Also my Corp was Fast Break by johno, I love rush with kill threat and I love HB so it made sense to play. It's a fantastic deck! went 6-1 in the end(5 wins day1; 1 win 1 loss top cut)