Minimum Security (3-0) Seattle GNK


This was a deck used in a GNK to celebrate our meta mate @Radiant moving away. He’s a Crim fan, specifically 419, so I wanted to play something as jerky as 419 credit denial outta Anarch. I had fond memories of TheBigBoy’s famous Maxx Security deck and wondered if I could play something like that in this meta. That deck had Mr Phones and Maxwell James so it was objectively better. I tried rezeki but it was too nonbo with inject without clone chips. There is no true replacement for Maxwell but Pad Tap does some of the same job, which is put a speed bump on the Corp until you get to your nexus/drip end game at which point you basically win. The deck beat Acme, PE and Titan on the day, the Titan was the combination of luck and turn one Turning Wheel. This deck seem good but is not good at making friends.

7 Dec 2019 tonybluehose

Why would folks want to make friends when you can play a deck like this :-) Playing against CTM with 3 link is a wonderful feeling.