RvdH’s Day Job (1st @ Dutch nats 2019)

RvdH83 686

This is the deck I took to win Dutch nats with. Other options I considered were Circus Hayley and goodstuff 419.

It is pretty much Labbes’ world list with an Earthrise over a Black Orchestra. I’m not entirely sure cutting a Blorch is correct, but I think you really need some kind of additional draw.

I’ve been playing this list for a while after worlds. Not only is it a decent goodstuff anarch deck, it is also very fun to play!


The only loss of the day was against Magnetar’s AgInfusion in which I couldn’t find any breakers early and mid game. Often if that corp goes to matchpoint, you’ve already lost.

Shoutout to the Enschede-meta for ensuring we kept the title in our own country, for a change.

3 Dec 2019 Jakuza

Well done, well deserved.

5 Dec 2019 Wausser

Congrats on the win!