RvdH's Tempo NEH (1st @ Dutch nats 2019)

RvdH83 686

This is the deck I took to win Dutch nats with. It went undefeated. Other options I considered were my Harley Quinn Argus and Magnetar's AgInfusion.

I figured there would be a lot of 419, as most of the Enschede-meta were on it and not a lot of Freedom. I was correct. I'm not a huge fan of the Argus matchup against 419 and there's quite some tech in the meta against Argus. So I figured I would go with something else. And since Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center and Turtlebacks are on the rotation list it is a nice way to say goodbye.

The deck is pretty much a standard tempo build with these notable cards:

  • TechnoCo can be cute early game to punish some early runs and installs, but is probably not right. The 2-trash cost is not annoying enough. Not sure what to go with here.
  • Cyberdex Virus Suite over Preemptive Action was a totally correct call. In a meta with more Freedom or Apoc Preemptive is probably more right, but against 419 this is a great include. The 3 rez cost is steep, but you can rez it with Mumba Temple.

MVP was Psychographics. It gave me two wins in the top cut against Wet Toastie's Dummy Box Liza and another win in swiss.