Rich Argus (winner of Slavic Nationals)

Longi 1445

This is just another variation on Argus that I have been playing for some time. This time it helped me (with a bit of necessary luck) to win our nationals as it did not drop a single game during the tournament.

As did not expect many players bringing Liza (only one turned up) I decided to not include Self-Growth Program. I also decided to strengthen the economy because the high frequency of Misdirection in meta forces me mostly to rely on the rush plan and sometimes with Argus I find myself clicking on credits which does not help the rush plan at all :) I even switched one NGO Front for IPO as the latter is just faster. Last changes I made concerned the ice suite. I am no fan of Archer because sacrificing agenda is just the opposite of what I am trying to achieve when rushing agendas. I am also never really happy drawing Hortum so I left only one and included full playset of Surveyors. Retrospectively, I am fine with all the changes I made.

Unfortunately, the attendance at the tournament was not as high as we expected but I am still grateful to all who made the effort and came. I hope that we will be able to return the favour to some of you and see you at Hungarian and Austrian Nationals.

9 Dec 2019 Trismagistos

Even though I lost to you in the finals, congratulations Longi. Good job

9 Dec 2019 Longi

@TrismagistosThanks man, you will get me next time;)