Eternal Potatoes (1st @ Worlds Eternal Side Event)

Watzlav 486

This is a winning decklist from Eternal format side-event at Worlds 2019. I reckoned that Val with Zer0 and Clan Vengeance would be the top runner after Andromeda sustained a heavy blow in form of MWL list. This list is supposed flip the script.

Spicy card is Storgotic Resonator. It turns Andy's Pad Taps into Neural EMPs and increases their mileage. I wanted to know if this was the card that broke the camels neck and made Nisei ban PU, but it really should have been slots to clear Employee Strike.

Czech for potato is "brambor" – from German state of Brandenburg. German "kartoffel" comes from Italian "tartufo" meaning truffle, because that's a brown edible dug up from ground and apparently totally the same thing.

In Moravian Slovakia where I come from, we call them "erteple" from Austrian German Erdäpfel (earth apples). Funnily, the Croatians and other Shtokavian speakers also borrowed from Austrian – "Grundbirne" – a ground pear, giving them krumpir/krompira/кромпир.

14 Dec 2019 Longi

I like the erteple addendum :D

4 Feb 2020 Skandrino

Why not add Aimar? :D