SiegD 2

First shot at a GameNET deck, idea is to tax the runner out with obnoxious ice in front of Bellona's protected by Red Herrings, punish with Economic Warfare and HHN, finish off with HPT if the runner has bankrupted themselves..

Let met know what you think! I'm pretty new to Netrunner, advice is appreciated!

15 Dec 2019 tonybluehose

Welcome to the game! One of us! One of us! I'll be taking this for a spin :-)

15 Dec 2019 SiegD

Thanks! Great to be here, I tried swapping out the Cyberdex Virus Suite and Red Herrings for 2 Daily Business Shows, gives the deck some needed draw and filtering.

15 Dec 2019 Aube88

As a Corp, you always want the maximum number of cards allowed, 49 in this case, to spread your agendas ;) Gold Farmer seems really strong. A third one ? And get some Rashida !