presheaf 569

This is what I've been playing since the release of Uprising. The basic gameplan here is EoI-ing your way to 7 points. Both your 5/3s are bananas good for this purpose, with GFI being fairly safe to feed to the Runner early, and Bellona yielding a 6 cred swing when stolen for you to SEA+EoI them with. To actually land the trace, you'll typically need to establish a remote with Daily Quest, ideally as fast as possible. Eventually, start IAAing stuff. Provided there's a Data Raven, Runners will basically need to guess whether you put down a QPM, NGO or a 5/3. Ideally, you'll have a remote of like Pop-up + Gold Farmer (maybe with another ice in case the Runner has a strong econ engine) alongside your scoring remote to keep Daily Quest in. It'll get cleared eventually, at which point you'll be glad you have Archived Memories. These used to be Economic Warfares, but I found the combined utility of picking up Hippoed ice,

This deck sometimes just loses by not drawing DQ early. If this happens, you won't be able to gain much of an economic lead, and you can't SEA+EoI anyone. Consider fitting an EBC or just crossing your fingers it doesn't happen. It also sometimes loses to Runners with ridiculous econ engines, which, sad to say, are most of them these days. Sometimes you can outpace them, but other times you'll just have to grind them out with IAA mindgames and Data Raven. Sometimes Runners will let the Data Raven sub fire early to trash a DQ. If this happens, strongly consider paying all your money into it. Needless to say this is not always the correct play, but if you can land the counter, you'll always have the option of EoI, AM, EoI lategame, even when the Runner is insanely rich.