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tanderson 252

Since uprising scoops came out, I have been revising this list. I think it's very strong at the moment, but there are some changes that I am still contemplating.

It's a MaxX list that burns through the stack as fast as possible with #Street Peddler, #Moshing, [[Gachapon]], and of course, [[MaxX]] herself. You should be able to contest early remotes with easy access to heap breakers and [[Stimhack]]. The usual shenanigans apply: [[Stimhack]] -> install [[Liberated Account]] off a [[Street Peddler]] and so on.

The reason a list with such a high burn rate can function is two fold. First, the new Anarch drip package. [[Keiko]] is amazing. [[Paladin Poemu]] is amazing. [[Trickerster Taka]] is amazing. And [[Mystic Maemi]] is pretty good. Once you have those cards assembled, you are getting 4+ drip each turn. (More with Rezeki, and additional drip if you can install on the Corp's turn with Paladin. The drip gives you staying power. The other reason is [[Harmony AR Therapy]]. It's just a better version of [[Labor Rights]]. Late game you shuffle back [[Sure Gamble]], [[Liberated Account]], [[Stimhack]], another Harmony, and whatever unique cards you lost while burning your deck.

[[Rebirth]] once you've emptied your stack, or as the matchup requires (against grinder decks sometimes you want to Rebirth early). Usually you are going for [[Omar Keung]] to make good on Turning Wheel stacks after the corp locks down R&D and HQ. Your other two targets are [[Edward Kim]] and [[Hoshiko Shiro]]. Hoshiko is great because she gives you draw to get the cards that you put back with Harmony. Also minor upside with [[DreamNet]], which is also in the deck to have access to draw after Rebirth.

Marginal cards I wish I could include: [[I've Had Worse]]. Would help a lot against [[Punitive Counterstrike]] and [[Obokata Protocol]] but don't switch out [[Moshing]] for it. [[En Passant]]. Corps can stack ice high in [[Sportsmetal]] and [[Earth Station]] and try to blank your [[Hippo]]s. En Passant would be great in those circumstances. [[Pelangi]] + [[Knifed]] would be great recursion targets. [[Knifed]] is good against [[Kakugo]] and [[Gold Farmer]], and would be nice to have main deck. [[Aumakua]]. Considering including this if I'm scared of traps for some reason.