OP man 18

I built this deck mainly around Cyberdeck Sandbox, as a sheer silver bullet against every virus based deck. But even if Khumalo will hate you, that’s not the best part. The agenda’s ability, that rewards you through purge, is really interesting. Cards like Reverse Infection or Cyberdeck Virus Suite become suddenly an amazing source of economy. Of course, you will need to score one quickly, to appreciate the strength of this deck. Which is possible turn 2, (leaving your central naked) with a rezzable Pachinko to defend it.

Also, you get reimbursed from scoring a C.S. (as you can purge after score, gaining the 4 creds back) so rushing it won't bring you down to 0!

That being said, and now that you have a C.S. scored, here is how things get interesting (knowing it triggers once every turn !) : - Scoring another C.S: makes you gain 8, and almost guarantees a safe and healthy eco for the rest of the game. 3rd one ? not necessary but why not :3 - Cyberdeck Virus Suite: using it, not only makes you gain 1, 5, or 9!, but a simple access from anywhere will make you gain 4, 8 or 12, just like that, clicking “Yes, make me rich” :) - Reverse Infection: on its own, doesn’t do much. but 1 C.S in your score area, and you have a purging Hedge Fund for 0 cred. 2 C.S, a too big to fail without the pb. 3... ^^ - Macrophage : with Pad Tap out of the way, no big risk to rez it. Even investing few creds in the purging trace would make sense, as it's money making.

Other Synergy, assets defenses : - ACME’s ability makes low cost ice like IP Block and Pachinko very efficient to protect assets cheaply. - Aryabhata : with macrophage ofc, and all the other tracers. Works also nicely with Ash., will make you earn the cred the runner loses. - Oaktown: to make them costy to trash, it is lovely with Ash and Red Herrings. - Jeeves: mainly to score C.S. and Vulnerability without attracting too much intention, it’s still fun to Purge the good old way, gaining a fair amount of cred and have an extra action. - Bellona : with all those expensive assets to trash and those annoying tracers, it’s another tax on top. Oaktown + Red Herrings might be enough to score it safely.

Voila :) for now the results with this deck are pretty good, and above all, it is super fun to play !! 
Also, even if it plays around C.S., winning without it stays totally possible.

Enjoy ! !

26 Dec 2019 pang4

Oh, if only we had the influence for Chief Slee. Between Pachinko, Data Ward, Macrophage and half of IP block, there are SO MANY "I'll just let it fire" subroutines it brings a tear to my eye.

10 May 2020 APZachariah

Do you reckon there's room in here for Media Blitz? That way you could benefit even if the only CS on the board is a stolen one.