Polycule Cafe

JuniperTheory 73

Imagine Hayley/Film critic/Psych mike/Beth/Cybertrooper (obviously a he/him lesbian) all cuddling in a cafe while they install things for 1 credit only at the moment they need them.

Use simulchip/cafe to install icebreakers only when you need them for cheap, always be willing to trash an icebreaker solely to reinstall that icebreaker, hostage is for cybertrooper unless you don't have him which case it's for whatever u need, this deck chooses film critic over aesops cause she's cuter.

26 Dec 2019 JuniperTheory

it has 49 cards because i cant decide which cards to cut lol

28 Dec 2019 Cpt_nice

I can't express how much I love that name

30 Dec 2019 InsetoVermelho

Great job!

31 Dec 2019 Saan

Cuts: 2 Dummy Box, because you shouldn't have the tags for it to ever be needed, and you have Simulchips for programs; Boomerang, because 2 is enough since they self-recur; and Euler, because now you have the influence to play a vastly better breaker: Corroder. Final cut... probably Cyberdelia? 6 MU should be enough with good play, I feel.

31 Dec 2019 JuniperTheory

cyberdelia is unnecessary, as is 2 dummy box; boomerang is because they can be kept on Cafe for instant install, and euler is GREAT with cybertrooper/instant installs from simulchip or cafe.

3 Jan 2020 Frogblast

He meant gauss I think