Wu-Chang Clan

warplord 8

Choose the sword, and you will join me Choose the ball, and you join your mother, in death You don't understand my words, but you must choose So, come boy, choose life or death

This is the first deck I have spent any time building and also the first deck I have had a positive win rate with. The latter part of that is probably because it is simply a balanced "do everything" shaper deck, something I should have started with with instead of Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord and MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock. Ahem. Anyway I have been playing on JNet for about a month and have really loved getting into this game.

If I could recommend anything to my fellow new players it's to watch the MetropoleGrid and Self Modifying Code weekly casts. I think it is just really awesome to hear their thought process and extremely powerful in helping a new player understand just the depth of decision making and knowledge that goes into each click and deck building decision. Plus one dude drinks beer and the other is constantly getting attacked by his cat so it's not without drama.

This deck isn't anything special, it has no big trick, it is essentially a good stuff shaper deck that gets Rezeki out as soon as possible. It was created in response to two things:

  1. -CodeMarvelous_ Cafe LAte deck that showed me the power of Hernando Cortez, Beth Kilrain-Chang, and Paule's Café.

  2. JNet user (and im butchering this name) impeejamas or something? I kept running into them playing this Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker deck that would put all three Rezeki out by turn three by using her ability to dig for a Self-modifying Code. Pretty simple but man, I was like, whoa.

So that is pretty much it, get the Rezeki out asap and build the rig.

Khusyuk use this wisely as it is often met with about 10 pieces of ICE being dropped on R&D. But that is what it is supposed to do, put the fear of GOD in them. I don't run 3 because by the time you hit the third they are usually pretty well iced up.

Flip Switch just love this card because I like to facecheck early. I also think its great if you face a taglord.

Beth Kilrain-Chang is the best card in the game. I have been playing for all of a month so trust me on this. Like -CodeMarvelous- said in the last cast, getting Beth down early is a big thing in this game we call Netrunner.

Hernando Cortez does work.

Paule's Café even if you didn't run his clan of buddies I like this card because I like to float stuff and install it later mid run as needed. The cost reducing function takes backseat to that for me.

Professional Contacts I listened to MetropoleGrid while driving to work and he kept saying ProCo and I had no idea what he was talking about. This card rips, and like MetropoleGrid also says, I think it precludes the need for Diesel in the deck.

Film Critic saves my damn life every two games I play. Period. As does Misdirection.

That's it, it's not a revelation but I think its a good starting place for a new player, a balanced deck that can respond to the corps game plan in a variety of ways. Let me know any changes you would recommend, and as always, bring the mf rukus.

7 Jan 2020 koga

It looks like I'm not the only one joining the pajamieez club :P

Kabonesa is such an interesting ID. Keep this list in mind and try something completely different but with the same identity (maybe keep the rezekis), I can tell you exploring this to the fullest can bring you places you can't yet imagine ;)

Have fun deckbuilding and playing!

9 Jan 2020 DonLoverGate

Wu is comin' thru - the outcome is critical

Fkin' wit her style, is sorta like a miracle

Deck looks good, and more importantly KILLER BEES UNITE