Grccc IG without Kakurenbo

Krasty 386

Almost normal IG kill deck for eternal tournament. Most funny thing is, I totally forgot on second most broken card (first is IG itself), which is Kakurenbo .. without this, I kill all three runners I meet at the tournament ... btw @simili was on bambilion of credits, instaled Caldera and ... and she died in the dust, like all others ....
I thing this is a most broken deck (type) in eternal and IG need to be banned for this type of tournaments... Im pretty sure, Im one of that, who have a ball(s) to play it! :o)

25 Jan 2020 Gries

I got two questions: what does the Grccc in the title of your deck stand for? And which cards would you exchange for Kakurenbo and how often would you include that card in your deck? Thanks in advance :)