Trash Pandas hate ice (3-3 at German nats)

MrBuggles 275

It’s “the” Freedom build, with a couple of changes to add more ice destruction, because most of the testing games I lost were ones where the Corp iced centrals too heavily and still had enough ice left over to make a decent scoring remote.

The results aren’t impressive, but I think the deck is better than I made it look! One loss in Swiss was down to my own stupidity, and one was fairly unlucky as I repeatedly missed the HPT in Argus’ undefended HQ. That said, I lucksacked the win in my 2-4-1 against Earth Station by finding the Government Takeover on top of R&D.

It’s certainly not the best Runner deck out there, but it’s a lot of fun to play and in the hands of a better pilot than me will regularly post decent results, I think.

Knifed is great with Yusuf and Pelangi, and yes I know Chisel is kind of bad but I wanted at least some ice destruction that could get rid of Afshar on HQ. There are also a couple of less obvious things it can do that can get you out of a tight spot. If you only have Yusuf, and the Corp has purged and has no open servers for you to run but there’s a server with just barriers, you can Chisel an ice with no facecheck penalty, bounce off it for as many counters as you need, and then go on your merry way with Yusuf. It’s also nice in combination with Knobkierie to punch a hole through an ice with a nasty facecheck more quickly than the corp might be expecting.

All this being said, it may have been better to go all in and find a way to fit in more Chisels and some Devil Charms, but I don’t know what you’d cut to manage that…

Many thanks to everyone involved in organising the whole weekend, you should be really proud of yourselves!