🔥 2 Faust 2 Furious (2015)


🔥Faust Quetzal 🔥

TLDR: Play Faust, Parasite ice, and abuse e3 Feedback Implants with Faust, Quetzal, D4v1d, and Bioroid ice. Then, do it all over again with that beautiful Shaper recursion. #shaperforlife

Ok, so Quetzal (especially with the lack of inclusion of Account Siphon) was an odd choice in a bleak world powerfully terrorized by 'Hate Bear' Val and Whizzard decks, but a friend and I brewed up this storm to have answers to the most common Corps to beat:

  • RP glacier & ETF glacier = burn their house down with Parasites! Dig through the rubble with D4v1d and Kati Jones.

  • NEH Butchershop & NEH Blitz = slow the Corp down with Clot, deep Medium dig, and Plascrete Carapace to shield you from Scorched Earth operations.

  • Blue Sun Vegan & Blue Sun Punitive Counterstrike = Quetzal, D4v1d, and e3 Feedback Implants severely punishes Blue Sun's Oversight AI attempts.

  • Anything else = Faust OP.

More on card choices, strategy, criticism/rebuttal:

  • Mulligan for Wyldside. Since this deck's economy is primarily grip management (Faust), it's your responsibility to know where your local Seedy club is.

  • Everything can be 'Food for Faust'. Want to include a janky card that may help you in that 1 situation you may find yourself in? DO IT, because a card = a card to Faust!.. Oooook... Maybe still think twice. Every card is still important - I just like to have fun! For a while this deck played a 1x Dorm Computer to steal those irritating cyber security Quantum Predictive Model kittys.

  • Against glacier decks, you must become fully cybernetic - sacrificing your grip to bash through servers stings significantly less when you're giving up your less-human parts. Don't feed Faust too quickly until you've received your e3 Feedback Implants and Brain Cage.

  • Against rushy decks, don't waste time with Kati Jones or becoming a more-cyber-you, and have a good reason for any other expenses that keep you from your Medium partys.

  • 1 rule. DOUBLE MEDIUM!