The Scholar of 1000 Lizards

dasher 70

Here is a fun little deck that lets you get out 2-for-1 Chameleons (both in terms of clicks and install cost) thanks to Hayley’s ability and London Library. Combine that with Cybertrooper Talut and each of your Lizards is at strength 5, and with your cuddly T-Rex you can get one of them up to strength 7 – more than enough to deal with most ICE that you see these days. The Net-Ready Eyes is there in case you need to boost to get past one of the few strength 8 ICE that you might encounter in the wild.

The Pro Co / Data Folding / Cyberdelia / Rezeki econ engine gives you all the money that you need as runs are cheap when you are only breaking subs, and the Lizard’s ability means it doesn’t get trashed because of the London Library thanks to you choosing the order to resolve those triggers… as well as allowing you to end your turn with a hand-size greater than 5.

Combine it overall with Hayley's ability, you have a rig that can set up and threaten the Corp very quickly.