ComStar loves you!


Classic glacier with a few ETR supports. I need to improve this deck though, as I had a lot of trouble steering it properly on German nationals.

16 Jan 2020 Bl4nk3t

soo... there are 5 juicy unspent influence since the plan seems to be to have a nice jinja remote - why not spend it to "upgrade" the scoring remote protection by including a Letheia Nisei or an Ash 2X3ZB9CY or 2 (or both) over Red Herrings ?

Also since loosing a Jinja City Grid might really hurt, there could be recusion in the form of Archived Memories - or if you're willing to change the agenda suite go: +License Acquisition (and + 15 Minutes ) -Cyberdex Sandbox

For Bonus Jinja Grid Synergy (TM) I always liked Daily Business Show - I guess I like to see it acutally pulled off here :). Did the Tiered Subscription pay off during the course of the event?

another question is in regards to the ICE suite: there is surprisingly little ICE which actually ends the run - Endless EULA. Tollbooth and Hydra - all fairly expensive - and 2 tag centric Ice (Turnpike and Thoth) without any tag punishment in the deck - is it just for deterrence by bluff? Also 15 Ice is actually not that much - especially with the advent of Chisel/ Devil Charm Anarchs like Hoshiko Shiro: Untold Protagonist

PS: care to explain the MechWarrior reference (i.e. what's the ComStar connection to the deck)? [

16 Jan 2020 5N00P1

License Acquisition has rotated ;-)