Carnivore Outfit - Broadest Daylight

nbkelly 121

Broad daylight is just plain good. Killer and Ronin are too.

The deck is designed so that every single thing you jam in the remote is a threat that needs to be run. You're basically training your opponent to always want to run. There's also a single snare and a single junebug, so you can punish them again if they fall for your conditioning. If you score even one broad daylight, the game suddenly becomes super tough for them.

If you have nothing better to do, just jam and blitz through your ronins/contract killers. Chances are you will hit an important combo piece or a breaker. If the runner ever draws last click, that's the perfect time to slap them with damage. I'm not sold on Elizabeth Mills, but she cute and killing a hotel seriously destroys momentum. Killing a cafe can end games.

If you want your opponent to run at junebug, all you have to do is cast argus crackdown. It's a lightning rod for bad play.