[SG] Lockdown Weyland

Vectorz 1

Lockdowns and Weyland - two things that are close together in overall public sympathy. This is not a nice deck, but rather an attempt to build something in System Gateway that is not fast advance or glacier - although it is still pretty slow.

The core idea is to kill all copies of a key breaker with Retribution and then keep the runner out permanently. Fracters are a prime target, but Killers can work too.

Retribution is obviously key, as are the various ways to tag the runner, including Malapert to help find them. Double advancing Orbital Superiority works remarkably well....

Meat damage is more for value than a kill - it might send a copy of a breaker into the heap before it is installed, or it can force a last click run into a Ping.

Funhouse could be replaced, but hey, it is fun, gives tags and encourages the installation of Decoders.