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Nothing gets me fired up like the idea of a wild, wacky shaper engine.

What if I told you could easily and flexibly get your breakers at extra strength, use them with free money, then just compile them right back into your deck?!

I've lamented about the bygone days of Hayleyshop, but I've been looking for another "shenanigans" deck and a burst of inspiration came!

One thing I've always wanted out of Wu was to really flex on her ID ability beyond "vomit out 3 Rezeki by Turn 2". Yes, it is a great drip, but what if there were a way to really reward those instant breaker installs?

Welcome to Base Two Wu!

With the addition of Cybertrooper Talut and the Mathematician breakers (Euler and Gauss), we have a really fantastic way to push out strong breakers for cheap.

Core deck concept

The idea is simple but the piloting can require some finesse. We want to find Cybertrooper Talut and Flame-out ASAP. Hard-installing one of your math breakers is fine, but if you Wu it out, you place it on Flame-Out to trash it before RFG! When you need it back, you can Compile it straight from the bin right back into your deck!

Other fun things to do are Compile your Femme Fatale from the deck / bin onto the board for free. With the Talut bonus, you have a strength FOUR Femme ready to crush any dangerous sentries in your path.

Along the way, you'd love to get Takobi on the board to ease the pressure off your Simulchips and Compiles.

Economic package

I know I opened with dunking on Rezeki drip out of Wu but it is exceptionally reliable. We also have Peace in Our Time which is great for accelerating your setup and helping you threaten much faster. Kati Jones is also there if you're centrals locked much sooner and want to remote camp from the mid / end game. Beth Kilrain-Chang is technically econ as well.


The corp meta is ripe with operation-based combos / nastiness. Maw + The Turning Wheel helps keep centrals pressure and rewards you for doing so! Just be mindful to not go broke from centrals pressure!

Khusyuk for the win!

Base Two comes from the astronomical amount of two cost cards in the deck. Khusyuk-ing for seeing 6 cards is actually quite easy with this rig! For maximum skill, you can pressure R&D or HQ with Maw + TTW, Khusyuk, if you whiff you can sweep HQ.

Possible variant ideas of this deck

My metamate and I are on slightly different versions to see which one lands.

His differences: 2x Spec Work 1x Euler 1x MKUltra ●● 1x Gauss 3x Pelangi

The reasoning is totally solid: You don't care if MKUltra keeps going to the bin after being used on Flame-Out OR if you're desperate for a Simulchip target you can always trash MKUltra to get something you really need out.

Additionally, when MKUltra hits the table, it's already at Strength 3 from Talut, so a single 3 credit pump shreds 5 strength, 2 sub or less sentries.

For my version, having 2x of each basic breaker type gives an extra opportunity to value install out your breaker. This feels good in case you get in a bind with cards in the bin. However, having the extra Pelangis also feels great in case you only want to rely on one breaker (Hint, Euler is likely the right choice).


There is for sure a good learning curve to this deck but to be able to crack a 3-4 ice servers for 6 credits is a feeling nothing else really matches. Let me know what you think, but I urge you to take it for a spin first!

Good luck, and remember:

Pauca sed matura

17 Jan 2020 SMITTYL

This deck sneaks up on you, one minute you have a death server, the next minute they spend 2 creds to get in and laugh at you.

19 Jan 2020 Conphas

have you tried a 1x Chameleon in the deck? I was thinking it would be nice to have an in hand answer to any 1 ice. I am going -1 rezeki to try it.

With the 2 link (Wu + Cybertrooper) I also want to try DreamNet but cant find the slots

20 Jan 2020 CryptoGraham

@Conphas That's the exact idea my friend and I had after playing with the deck a few times! Chamelon is PERFECT in it, especially as a killer or just early pressure for literally whatever you want while you set up. Try it, let me know how it feels!

3 Feb 2020 RaduChinan

As a Kabonesa Wu enthusiast, this approach makes me really interested. Would you like to elaborate on a few issues that i have trouble with, please:
1. How do you "find Cybertrooper Talut and Flame-out ASAP"? There's no tutor for Hardware or Resource in this deck. Also do you need them both ASAP or just one will do?
2. You have reduced your T1 burst money package to just 4 cards. Also you have no Rejig/Scavenge. Does this mean you're ok without the 3x Rezeki T2 package?
3. Maybe the most important one: how do you re-use the breakers? They get trashed by Flame Out, but Wu only tutors from deck, not discard, and you only have 2 Compiles. You can't be Simulchipping EOT since that would make the whole deck's strategy useless. Also more importantly when using Compile, you can't be Kyushyuking at the same time, which is the deck's main win condition.
I'm sorry if these questions seem obvious, as I am not a very experienced players. Your answers would help a lot, thanks!

16 Feb 2020 namad

I have to agree with radu here, I think this deck desperately needs some rejigs. Not only do the rejigs let you trigger talut more, but they oddly help solve some of the MU issues I've been having with this deck. The deck has a total of 7mu worth of non-icebreaker programs. I find myself either flooded in hand by icebreakers or rezeki's which sounds like an ideal problem to have. But without rejig it's hard to balance what's in play. I've had a lot of games where I was stuck with weak icebreakers in play.

I've also sometimes faced up against a stacked remote, and wanted to just win on R&D but I'll have scored twice with Khusyuk and not be able to get off a third Khusyuk. So I think this deck might need a 3rd khusyuk, a stargate, or a 2nd harmony ar therapy. But also maybe 1-2 rejigs. I think that at least one of the flameout's could be cut, because compile works very similarly to the flameout. I guess you might have to cut the Diesel's to make room? You won't need to draw so many cards if you can rely more on the identity's ability with those extra rejigs.