Baking Bad!!!


HEY KIDS!! Time to get out the American CLASSIC Easy Bake Oven! This deck showcases all the great settings of our oven! But let’s first introduce ourselves to the prime component of our oven - La Costa Grid! This amazing card fuels cards with advancement counters with little effort AKA - “baking”.

Here our the fun-filled baking options: 1) Speed Cook - throw a card in there and single advance! presto! Next turn you can score any agenda in your deck with your mad baking skills! Also can allow for value NGO plays to move on to the next baking project. But if you only have this the runner will try to force their way into the oven and devour your goods, which is a segue to the next setting....

2) Down home slow-cooking: Jam a card in the oven and over the course of a couple turns let your oven add counters one at a time, maybe fuel it by adding your own advancement counters here and there, oh the happy day when you slow food some Global Food! Or is it some brain stew with Cerebral Overwriter! But the runner may be wary of your slow-cooked feast, which leads us to our last setting...

3) Food that fights back! : Your oven needs a way to hurt a runner who sits and admires your feast, which leads to the rudest of the baked treats, a big juicy Reversed Accounts! The horror when they think you are slow cooking a trap and you completely bankrupt them and pry open the scoring window!

All these amazing baking options will leave the runner hungry if you have some taxing ice as “oven guards” to make it spendy to keep going in to look at your treats. La costa is vital hence being x3. Mirrormorph seemed liked a good choice where you are single advancing each turn, and can fire your ID every turn even if it means just taking money.


18 Jan 2020 demoy

This is such a cool idea!

18 Jan 2020 demoy

Do you expect to see virus alot? or Can I just replace Sandbox with Corporate Sales Team and use my ID to trash PadTaps more profitably?

19 Jan 2020 SMITTYL

@demoy- the sandbox was just a thrown in temp forward agenda so sales team is probably just as fine but my meta mates love 419 denial with turtle and the side hit of pelangi and freedom feels nice