Weefle Hacktavist Adventures - Saraswati Antivirus

Number Three 5

Welcome to the weefle clown show, I'll be your newbie today. Joined the Hacktivist tournament on a lark, then remembered I haven't actually played on jnet since 2016. Found demay's virus econ deck and decided to give it a run. Changes:

They mostly worked, put apparently there's this card called "Stargate" that everyone is running? That I am not good enough to beat?

[insert "Full of Stargates" meme when I graduate to photoshop]

Only got the Sandbox engine going round 1 and it was glorious in a close game. When you failed score a Sandbox, I got owned. ¯\(ツ)/¯ I am noob, but a humble loss farmer. Thanks to my opponents for being understanding.