Relive the Glory Days (Public Terminal Ken)

Murse 51

Any requests are more than welcomed to help me figure out any glaring weaknesses or omissions.

Playing with PPVP Kate was my favorite deck back in the day, and this is my attempt to recapture that feel and hopefully be competitive to boot.

I've been playing a bit of this deck and have been having a fantastic time with it. Bravado really helped this deck out considerably. I was thinking of adding in a copy of that new Levy AR Lab Acess replacement card and dropping Corroder and TTW, but I think with Boomerang and Inside jobs, I should be ok even if i get locked out by program destruction or bad breaches dome hits. Again, thanks for any help

27 Jan 2020 Caedus

I think Diversion of Funds is always better than Hot Pursuit. Also the money seems a bit weak, maybe try to fit in a couple PAD Tap? But you would know better than me on that!

30 Jan 2020 Murse

Thanks @Caedus! I can definitely see the arguement with Diversion of Funds over Hot Pursuit. I think the increase in cash from pursuit is what has drawn me to it. I may go to 2 and 2 and see how they play in practice.

Also, if I can get a single Public Terminal down, I'm usually pretty good on credits surprisingly. That drip really helps. As I try the deck out more if I have trouble with money, I'll try out the PAD Taps though.