Core+Ashes RP - 2nd in Berlin

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Saan 2827

So I fully intended on playing a kinda Glacier-y Punitive Counterstrike Earth Station build for our Berlin single Core + Ashes tournament. I built it here, and then had the fun idea that La Costa Grid could be really fun in it. Your remote is already pretty strong, so the never advance game can get really annoying for the runner. After messing around with the influence, I decided that this would probably just be a better deck in Jinteki, and the only reasonable choice was RP, as PE doesn't really make sense, and Hyoubu Institute is just... weird. I also decided that I loved Vulnerability Audit for this, since being able to never-advance a 3-pointer seems sick.

Also, Jinteki has reasonable economy, with 2 Celeb Gifts and a Sundew. You also get to play Pad Campaigns, which is actually kinda nice, since there's not a lot of good econ options (ES can't play campaigns -- only one remote!).

I threw together something that looked very close to this, took a look at it, and decided it really should have a Lotus Field, if Hoshiko was going to be out there with her Chisels and Charms. The ICE suite is this really weird mix of 1-ofs, with a couple 2-ofs, but it worked just fine. With La Costa advancing things and Ash, NAPD Cordon, and Hyoubu Precog Manifold to protect your server even more, getting agendas gets hard.

27 Jan 2020 Skandrino

Why not Palana?

27 Jan 2020 Skandrino

Oh I see core/ashes IDs only