Wacky Weylie's Fun Park! v.3.4b

Atomikrin 11

This isn't the first deck I built without netdecking a starting point, but it is the first one that has actually performed well. 😄 It started with a simple dream, "how do I get the absolute most money out of. Mass Commercialization? So far my record is 26

Honestly the plan here is to just advance everything. Always have at least one advancement on any given ice. Slow roll the agendas if necessary, but usually a combination of Reconstruction Contract, Dedication Ceremony, and Mumbad Construction Co. will let you fast advance to score from hand. NGO Front can act as a soft trap or emergency funds, but mostly adds more fuel to Mass Com so don't fire it until you're forced to. Cerebral Overwriter seems to rarely fire, but it does make the runner more cautious to run just anything that's advanced. Honestly, might just be me with a bad poker face. Then the final piece to get out your seventh point is Red Planet Couriers and/or Gene Splicer.

I've been slowly polishing this deck for about two years now, since whenever the smoke playmat store champ was. At this point it functions perfectly for my play style.

4 Feb 2020 kevnburg

Nice list! I've also been a long time fan of the Builder of Nations ID. I've been happy to see the ID steadily getting more support cards, like Cayambe Grid.

I like Housekeeping a bit more than Death and Taxes, but that's because I always focus a lot on the damage side of the ID.

5 Feb 2020 Atomikrin

Oh man, Cayambe Grid plus Masvingo just snowballs out of control. It's wonderful.