Jkayati Corp Cube

jkayati 7

A four player draft cube using cards through the first three cycles of ANR. Decks will be constructed to be between 45-49 cards, and games will be played to 7 agenda points.

Each player will receive 9 cards prior to the draft: Enigma, Hunter, Wall of Static, Jackson Howard, Project Junebug, PAD Campaign, Beanstalk Royalties, Green Level Clearance, and Hedge Fund.

After drafting 50 cards, players will construct a deck between 45-49 cards. Players than will count influence used in each Corp and add to those numbers Agenda points for each Corp. Players will use the Identity of the Corp that has the most influence and Agenda points in their constructed deck.

Corp Identities: Haas Bioroid: Stronger Together, Jinteki: Personal Evolution, NBN: Making News, Weyland: Gagarin Deep Space.