Algebraic 581

I wanted to belatedly test out the new NBN ID GameNET: Where Dreams are Real. While this list is somewhat janky, there are places it can be refined and I think there is a strong list within here somewhere.

I have not seen a list threatening fast advance with Shipment from Tennin. The ID makes money when the Runner actually does what their names suggests and this card is a little encouragement. False Lead is interesting 3/1 agenda to use as a fast advance target as it causes a scary fork with Hard-Hitting News and BOOM! or letting another Shipment come in.

The Thimblerig and Eavesdrop combo is a personal janky favourite of mine, trying to get as many GameNET triggers as possible from a single piece of ICE. Eavesdrop in particular being a major reason for the GoldenEye name, along with BOOM!-y death and Gold Farmer. However, it is far too cute, especially in a world where Chisel is popular again, and the slots and influence can be better used elsewhere. I would swap the 3x Thimblerigs with an in-faction ICE, drop the 3x Eavesdrop for a second BOOM! or a third Shipment from Tennin plus an Exchange of Information as another win condition. Maybe if I can add an odd job, I can keep the name.