Hoshiko Hypothesis - With more Hotels!

Bazin 90

When you can’t find the right things at the right time, this can be rough. Scarcity makes me cry.

But when you have the tools, it’s glorious.

I went 1-3 at the local GNK with this deck. It’s basically the same as the 6th place deck from German Nationals, but I swapped a DreamNet for a Earthrise Hotel.

I think most of the performance of this deck comes down to knowing when to overdraw and be comfortable with that, and I’m still trying to figure it all out.

11 Feb 2020 Saan

Hi! Glad you like the deck =)

I agree completely that it needed more draw, and I think Pinsel's list that he played in the King of Servers event at German Nats did a better job with draw than my list. Basically, he was playing -1 Hippo, -1 Liberated, -1 DreamNet (from my list; you're already just playing one DreamNet), and then +1 Labor Rights, +1 EarthRise, and +1 I've Had Worse. The thoughts were that really, only 1 DreamNet is needed, since the second is a dead draw, and it's just a card per run, and a credit for most runs. You don't do too much ICE breaking, so playing 1 less Liberated is fine, because honestly Liberated is only barely better than clicking for credits anyhow. Finally, once one Hippo is down, the Corp usually just stopps rezzing outer ICE entirely, so you only really need 2.

Since then, I've done some more playing and had a chat with Dome_ just before the KoS event at DomeCon last weekend, and the latest changes I've made and he suggested are these. We removed the Labor Rights, since honestly most games don't really require its use, and changed to Paperclip for the Restricted card over Corroder. We went back to 2 DreamNet, since further testing really showed how nice it is to get out early, as the extra card draw is fantastic, and the money pays for Hoshiko's internet addiction. Finally there was some debate as to what the last card is, but we figured that Ice Carver is great, since it makes your breakers much better for when you do use them, and it makes all this shitty ICE like Border Control, Kakugo, Komainu, Afshar, and Gold Farmer die instantly to Chisel.

11 Feb 2020 Bazin

Yeah! I didn't quite think the changes by Pinsel were quite right, so I didn't go fully that way.

I do agree with Labor Rights not being ideal, I've yet to use it in a meaningful way in my games too.

The core here is interesting (and hella frustrating to play against), it was interesting to see at the GNK, there were three Hoshiko players and three different decks with ICE destruction core.