And this is to go even further beyond!

mo0man 328

Hey look, its a new infinite. I'm sure it's not good, or at least not good yet, but it's a new infinite.

So for Sunday's GNK I decided to bring only infinite decks, going by the philosophy of "I'm not here to win games, I'm here to pull bullshit infinites." Unfortunately, for 2 of the 4, winning was easier to pull bullshit infinites. However, for one glorious game, I was able to do it, and what is victory but what we define for ourselves?

Anyway, to do the infinite, you need to have 1 Drafter or NEXT Sapphire installed, with a The Twins protecting it. If they're unable to break the ice, (either because you did something ridiculous with Helheim Servers or because you were able to do some nonsense with enough extra copies of the ice and/or Project Vitruvius, they can be forced to reencounter the ice an infinite number of times. That means you will be able to decide exactly what cards are in your hand, r&d, and maybe archives, or maybe you will be able to install everything, depending on which ice is firing an infinite number of times.

Also, the Advanced Assembly Lines is for a version of the combo I learned was illegal the day of.

Actually, the combo is not even all that new.

12 Feb 2020 Skandrino

Very cool. Why 3x Anansi (and why MirrorMorph)?

12 Feb 2020 mo0man

3x anansi was because after I built the deck I had 3 deck slots and 12 influence remaining, and I like anansi.

Mirrormorph is because I wasn't certain which ID would be best, but mirrormorph does give occasional value. Plus, the deck really likes to be able to get extra vitruvius counters, so being able to MCA a turn earlier for them is pretty nice.

13 Feb 2020 MephistophelesX

lots of unbroken subroutines? might wanna add a chief slee in there as an alternate win condition, you can literally get an infinite amount of tokens on her. maybe also a Mother Godess for more NEXT on the playing field. This looks stupid, but i think I am going to give this a spin :D

13 Feb 2020 MephistophelesX

Ohh yeah strike that, Goddess is rotated ofc