Red Sea Urchin 1.7

N0R5E 286

Reiterating my PE deck for Uprising. Engram Flush is a huge boon, freeing up influence for Housekeeping to keep their hand size down even when they don't run. Snare and Chrysalis don't allow the runner to keep up pressure on HQ & R&D with low hand size, something that should be a constant issue for them. Crunch the runner's hand if they go for the scoring remote with a combination of PE + Fetal/Obokata + Ben Musashi + HoK tokens + Data Loop + Kakugo. Target Caldera, Film Critic, or Hunting Grounds with Sadaka because those cards will ruin your day.

14 Feb 2020 N0R5E

Thimblerig should possibly be a Miraju. Fixing ICE placement is nice, but arranging your hand with more traps than agendas is the best way for this deck to defend HQ.

20 Feb 2020 N0R5E

Chrysalis should also change to Cortex Lock to reduce trashables and increase early game threat. Filling out memory is also difficult and less necessary against this deck, making Cortex Lock potent later into the game.