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None. Self-made deck here.
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Core Experience & Ashes - GameNET (2nd place @ MMC #03)
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Gries 5

19 Feb 2020 Gries

So, my line of thinking goes like this:

Fast advance a Beale or False Lead with Biotic Labor, try to score 2/2/2/1 or 3/3/1 agendas.

Forfeit False Lead for the surprise Archer.

Get GameNET money from Gold Farmer, Afshar, Pop-Up, Tollbooth, Data Raven, F2P and Flare, so basically most of your ICE.

I`d like to fit a Spiderweb in there due to the high number of Boomerangs in the Munich Meta.

Bellona + Red Herrings protects itself without any ICE and is credit neutral, so money shouldn´t be of any concern in this deck.

Daily Business Show helps you draw the right cards.

Mulligan for a Daily Quest and put it behind the best ICE you currently have.

No idea what to use the Remastered Edition counter for.

Do Tiered Subscription and SYNC Rerouting even work in this setup? I dunno.

19 Feb 2020 Gries

Eli 1.0 is in there bc I had one influence left to spare and needed another decent Barrier.