Space Elevator 2.0 (aka never push your luck version)

Two_EG 349


If you played with this kind of deck, such as labbes' one, you'll know that the biggest problem is sniping GT on R&D.

But you know her? Shannon Claire! She can hide your GT plan on the bottom of R&D, then you'll never worry about those lucky snipers. Sweet.

Annnnd another good news. You can use 2-3rd copy of her to hide 'another' agendas underneath GT or something!

'Hey, I think you are missing that Shannon Claire shuffles your deck......"

Yes, Shannon shuffles your deck, but you need to read her more carefully.

'Search R&D or Archives for an agenda and reveal it. Shuffle the rest of R&D if you searched it.'

So if your agenda was in Archive, Shannon won't shuffle. It means we can keep our GT in bottom. It means we can keep 2 more agendas in bottom. It means you'll have only 6~7 points available in runner's accessible position. It makes you never lose your game.

Then what should we do? Stack ICE on R&D! Install Embolus, and make your R&D inaccessible! If you feel like you're safe enough and rich enough, draw like hell and end the game with the COM-BO.

Oh, and one last thing. Preemptive shuffles your deck. Use it only when your central is safe enough.