Bellona is the best agenda in the game

pj20 1396

Publishing for ABR purposes, but went 3-0 with 3 easy victories in a San Francisco GNK.

Bellona is just stupid, especially in CtM where they have to trash so much stuff and the runner is generally poor.

5 Mar 2020 rubyvr00m

I've been trying Bellona in a Consulting Visit + Boom build and I've been loving it there as well. It's cool to see it working for someone in a more traditional Sponsorship + Exchange build.

How has SYNC Rerouting been working for you? I keep wanting to try the different lockdowns from the new set but can never bring myself to include them mostly due to deckslots. Have they done better for you than say the 3rd HHN?

6 Mar 2020 pj20

@rubyvr00m SYNC rerouting is fun but I can't tell exactly how good it is... it's obviously great in niche situations like.. you need a QPM for last point ... you want to turn on Hydra ... you just want them to spend money.

I don't think you need 3 HHN, but I definitely wouldn't mind another Amani. NAPD Cordon might actually be better too.

Best part of this deck is the Lady Liberty / Team Spo combo where they basically have to go trash stuff and you can just let agendas stew in HQ

10 Mar 2020 5N00P1

@pj20 what combo is there between Lady Liberty & Team Sponsorship? As you are not scoring with Lady Lib TeamSpo wont fire. Is there something I'm missing?

30 Mar 2020 pj20

@5N00P1 no combo there, just having more options... both are hard to trash so you kind of fork the runner. And if with a Lady Lib running you force them to run and you can safely stash stuff in HQ. Once you have your window, you jam the agenda, TeamSpo the Lady Lib back if it is trashed or to reset it