Apexs Grandaughter


There seems to be an abundance of asset spam prison decks in the wild these days, especially with False Lead back and as degenerate as ever. So I was thinking how does one beat assets, well obviously APOCALYPSE! But this is not always possible when they take your clicks to prevent it or land you in tag hell. This is where my pet card comes into play, Heartbeat! The corp may need 10+ damage in a turn to kill you! The title was inspired by this last Star Wars film where, spoilers, the hero ends up being a relative of the worst evil there is. The hero has these evil powers (Apoc and Heartbeat - dark side fuel) inside of her. This deck is also great at catching people off guard, because with so many cards in play what sane person would wipe their board? Me! Armitage is cute with free install from Paladan and click down and sell off as damage fodder. Gachapon is the sweet sauce that pulls out a surprise DDoS that makes the corp realize all is not good in the land of Netrunner. This deck may not be great in your meta but is good at the one thing it does, eating prison decks for breakfast. Thanks enjoy!