False Blue – B-COM

ChaosIsMe 80

After that post-foucaultian nightmare which is the "funny" ASA that ReinaMorada wonderfully piloted to the 6th place at B-COM in Barcelona last weekend (long parenthesis: that deck was an idea of mine, but it wouldn't have been possible without the help of @ReinaMorada and @Baralai, wich piloted a slightly different version of that list to top 8 at the Italian national) here I am with the non-previously-tested-false-lead-more-money killing machine Blue Sun I did very poorly with at B-COM (the deck went 2-3 in the day). The deck is self-explanatory: rush a false lead (the best way is to install it behind a chiyashi with building blocks, the earliest the best); make money; make more money; make some more money and eventually score some agendas. Tag the runner and go for the kill. Why Blue sun? someone asked me before the tournament. Simple: with a scored False Lead all you need is just a small economic advantage to kill the runner (exceptions do exist), and Blue Sun never ran out of money, I can assure you that. The deck is built around a classic asset spam Gagarin-looks-alike deck (just to mess with people mind) which ensure economy and confusion. The asset spam strategy is enforced by Blue Sun ability to close centrals and then suddenly move some good piece of ice in a remote to eventually open scoring windows, or just make the runner loose some money and clicks in useless runs. The plan, as always tends to be, is only partially right: centrals are problematic sometimes, and flooding is not my friend. Also, Geist (I'm looking at you @ayyyliens :) and some shaper can walk safely through most of your ices. I think the deck could have some chances going on, but surely needs more testing and changes (maybe dropping the building blocks / Chiyashi economy, spending that precious influence somewhere else and adding some tech cards to face the problematic match-ups).

Thanx to everyone at B-COM and to the wonderful Barcelona community for the awesome days we spent together: ¡Gracias Mar, Vesper, César, Mark and Ana! (sin duda me estoy olvidando a alguien :)

11 Mar 2020 ayyyliens

Oh boy I am already full of ideas for this list! This list begs for Overseer Matrix, Maybe drop a HHN for more DBS to prevent flood? I also feel hostiles are a risk here (cheaper asset trashing). Thank you for posting it and i hope we play again!

11 Mar 2020 ChaosIsMe

Yeah, you're totally right! Overseer is my favourite card and obviously was struggling for a slot the night before the event (mainly for the Apoc match-up). I had 2 proxys of that in the bag but finally I decided not to include them. Glad we see this in a similar way. Hostile is gone today in the list update: every time I see that i just wanna cry. Mainly it was there to increase a Liberty score late game, but not worth the risk. That two games were really good!