The Bike Shelter

Japoco 162

Here’s a deck I put together as a counter to all the HHN false lead shenanigans going round currently.

It’s not optimised yet but early testing suggests it isn’t quite as terrible as it should be!

It does require a bit of set up but has some crazy efficiency once it’s up and running.

It tends to run pretty rich as the rogue tradings alone bank 54 credits, you instal plenty of pieces at a -1 discount from T.A.G. And your big pieces (nexus and amina) can usually be installed for 0!

Once set up a good turn could look like: Click 1&2 Diversion of funds Click 3 Credit Kiting out an Amina Avoid the tag with The Bike Trigger T.A.G. - instal The Class Act/Earthrise/daily casts for 1 credit discount If you have Pancakes installed you have a whole click left to run the remote, gamble, run R&d etc.

Spending 2 clicks to gain 6 credits and a tag may not feel great - but spending 2 clicks to gain 7, and instal and no tag feels like #Value

Playing CTM/Argus etc? Take turns between setting up and using your BikeShelter for set up and Running - you should theoretically be able to dodge even double false lead HHN if you’re playing well

Things I will try changing:

Would like to go to 2 Citadels as it’s usually just as effective as Qianji PT as long as the Corp isn’t SUPER rich

May drop the Chronotypes to only 2 if I slot a second Citadel - the efficiency once set up is good enough for it not to be an essential piece.

Baklan is cute but not sure he is worth it - 1x Caldera for the red matchup is probably a better choice.

Deck runs pretty rich so I wonder if the influence on Rezeki would be better as a

1 Pol Op to help deal with Crisiums would be great if a slot could be found

No Unicorn currently!!! Corporate Grant would be great against Scarcity matchups but don’t know what I would cut to make space for 3x