koga 722

This is the Express that came out of a collaboration between me and @MELLONE75

He doesn't like Aumakua, so we settled on duplicate breakers + Boomerangs.
The deck is pretty much just a blue goodstuff and seems incredibly rich, you may change a couple slots (Diesels maybe) for a couple Class Acts, it's strong.

Try it out, I'd love to get some feedback

15 Mar 2020 MELLONE75

the brain is koga i am the legs

16 Mar 2020 koga

Hey, you're a good part of the brain as well!

18 Mar 2020 BlackCherries

Looks like it could definitely benefit from The Turning Wheel. I'd drop a copy of TME for 2.

20 Mar 2020 MELLONE75

@BlackCherries mellone75 here i am working to refine the list, because some tiime the deck need better draw and make more pressure to the corp. stay tune and check the deck list i show my ideas!!!

26 Mar 2020 fingerzz

I don't like Kati Jones at all. For me it's just waste of clicks and credits. She is just a bank nothing more. Maybe some other resource that gives constant cash like Rezeki?

27 Mar 2020 errantmage

I have played a list very similar to this this a lot. Like 30 games? I never tried the list with Boomerangs, but I do very much like that addition!

As far as other card choices, here is an effortpost of notes I gathered from playing that list so much:

  1. While I really love the ABC breakers for crims, I also think, in this instance, Engolo is a fantastic restricted card. Yes, it will eat your influence, but at the end of the day many of your events pay out when you succeed, so succeeding at runs becomes key and Engolo very much helps with that. It also stretches your Special Order much further.
  2. PAD Tap is great to slow the corp down, and a combination of PAD Tap / Kati / Casts / Rezeki can help a lot when you need to sit back and breath a little. I would prefer those over Kyuban and Public Terminal by quite a bit, since they give you a little room to make money when you can't interact.
  3. IMO Inside Job is one of the best cards in this list, better than Embezzle, and I think there should be more of them. At 3x, they become tools instead of silver bullets: they're filling up your hand, so you play one to pay 1c and zero clicks to just skip into a server like you own the place.
  4. This deck wants clickless draw more than almost anything else. I ran into this repeatedly in games, and eventually settled on 3x Earthrise. TCA is a good supplement, but at the end of the day you want an event each turn, not an over-full hand of them you have to deal with.
  5. I soured on Maker's Eye. It isn't assured points, it's not a long-term multiaccess solution like TTW (which I would prefer here), and it eats a lot of influence that could be spent importing other tools.
  6. A single Simulchip will help in a lot of matchups, especially if you expect Outfit/Argus SDS on the field. Critic only helps if you can steal it.
27 Mar 2020 Martins_sales

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29 Mar 2020 koga

Thanks everyone for the inputs, Mellone is working on new builds, you can find them through his netrunnerdb profile.

Remember choices in this list are heavily influenced by player preference, though many observations about meta calls / silver bullets always apply.
I hope this list gives at least an idea of where to start from, do your edits and make Ken great again!