Next Generation Paywall 2 (4th Huddersfield Online SC)

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HiddenAway 638

I did a few quick adjustments on my previous GameNet deck. I moved out Psychographics and Daily Quest and added in an extra NGO Front, 2 IPO and an Exchange. Exchange almost saved me in the cut against Aki but against a triple R&D interface lock, it was really difficult to find an agenda to jam into the remote.

This went 2-3 on the day. Lost twice to agenda flood. Echo Chambers may not be needed any more and can be replaced with something better (maybe an Attitude Adjustment?)

15 Mar 2020 Blonde Haired Hacker Girl

This deck was probably the hardest match my hayley deck had all day, it was very back and forward.

Also bravo for playing GameNet on Jnet where its triggers arent automatic. :)

16 Mar 2020 HiddenAway

I actually kept forgetting that was a thing!